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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 29, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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eastern. that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us.
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well, president obama has threatened to use his veto pen. the new congress hasn't even been sworn in yet but the president is gearing up to block the incoming g.o.p. majority. listen to what he told mpr. >> they there are going to be some areas where we disagree. and, you know, i haven't used the veto pen very often since i have been in office partly because legislation that i objected to was typically blocked in the senate even after the house took over republicans took over the house. now i suspect there are going to be some times where i have got to pull that pen out. >> and charles krauthammer, author of things that matter joins us. charles, thanks for being on the program. going "on the record" tonight. really wanted to --
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>> -- pleasure. >> hear what you who to say this evening about this. this is what the president is promising. do you think he will act on it and is it a wise move? >> i think he will act on it and i think the republicans ought to say bring it on, mr. president. there is no better way for the g.o.p. to position itself for the 2016 election than to show the country two things. one, that now that it controls the house and the senate and now that harry reid is not there as the blocking guard for the president, that's the reason he didn't have to use the veto. he had harry reid. with harry reid gone and mitch mcconnell run aring the senate, they are able to enact agenda. they have an agenda. and they should be willing to pass whatever they can and to dare the president to go ahead and to veto. now, they can do stuff that they know the president will sign. the most obvious thing is to trade negotiating authority. harry reid was holding it up
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because of the unions because of many liberal democrats. but presidents want negotiating authority. republicans are protrade. they should could that give the president a win and a victory. but then they should begin to work on stuff and challenge the president. keystone pipeline tax reform he repeating the medical device tax. repeating the employer and individual mandates and healthcare reform. let the president show where the party stands and let the country know that the new president, republican president this stuff, which is very popular will be able to get through. >> i think you are so right. it transcends the bridge between now and what's happened with the midterm elections and going forward to pave the path for 2016 so voters can make informed choices based on specific examples. neither party should be afraid to define themselves and mr. president where do you stand? is this what we want more of in 2016?
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want intractable problems or people work together and stand for the principles? republicans have this unique opportunity in time to do something about it. >> what's happened for the last several years is these stark choices never came to a head because whenever a bill would get through the house, a republican agenda say on tax reform or something on entitlement reform or jobs programs it would die death in the senate where it never would even get to a vote. so it never even made news. well now it will. >> it's so true. i love the examples, the just position between choices. who do you want to vote for? who do you stand with? if you don't take this opportunity? i think if you are in the g.o.p. to make this that moment that matters that transcends, penal will say well maybe i wasted my vote. i put you in because you were going to do something different. you were going to make a fundamental change in the way that the lives of
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american people are lived and specific examples that you mentioned that they can do so. >> there is a way to expose, for example the democratic party's extreme environmentalism. keystone pipeline is only the at this point of the ice berpg to mix medicine fors. how extreme democrats are if the president exercises the veto as he seemed to signal he would in his last news conference. but there is a whole slew of regulation coming down the pipeline out of epa which will kill coal, heavily regulate the entire power industry, raise rates in a way that i think will be extremely unpopular and what republicans ought to do is to target every one of those and let it come to a head and let the country have a debate. that's the way it's supposed to work in a democracy. but the thing is it was all shrouded and hidden when harry reid would prevent any of us from seeing the light of day. now it's going to be seen.
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>> you are absolutely right. this is going to be great to watch and hopefully we can move forward as a country and take these unique opportunities and let people make the choices. charles, always a pleasure. thank you. >> pleasure to be here. >> straight ahead, of the taliban declaring the defeat of the u.s. in afghanistan. lt. colonel allen west is here to talk about that next. plus, we know iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon and has a history of state sponsored terrorism. but is president obama planning to open a u.s. ambassador in tehran? you have to hear what he says. and then what ambassador john bolton says coming up. stay with us.
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a flag lowering ceremony marking the official end of u.s. combat missions in afghanistan and today just 24 hours later taliban insurgents in afghanistan declaring the defeat of the u.s. and its allies in the 13-year-old war. lt. colonel allen west joins us now. can you believe it? 13 years hard fought and now the taliban saying that they defeated us in and the u.s. allies. come on. >> greetings, kimberly. one of the things we have to come to understand there was
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a quote by austria military strategist who said war is the imposition of one's wilpon another. we, at no point in time have imposed our will against the taliban. we have not vanquished the enemy from the battlefield. there have been no can a pitted legs. one of the saying that i heard them say quite often in my two and a half years in afghanistan was that you may have watches but we have the time. and when we look at afghanistan, it is not a war in and of itself. the real war against islamic totalitarianism, islamo fascism and terrorism continues on. afghanistan was just a combat theory of operation in that greater war. one of the still fighting on all fronts. just naive and reckless to suggest that this is the end of the war in afghanistan. most certainly is not. we still have men and women that continue to serve there. and we need to make sure that they have the right security so that they can keep these operations in place.
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because by no means is the war on terror or jihaddism or extremism as you pointed out over. this is just one of the many theaters alive and well fighting a tactic in terrorism we are fighting against ideology. we have not legitimized that ideology. next year 25015 five senior members of the taliban that we released in exchange for a deserter bo bergdahl will be returning back to afghanistan. so now you are starting to see the reconstitution of the enemy's leadership which is very deadly. and we see that has happened in iraq where al qaeda wanted in iraq was defeated but you they reconstituted. i'm very concerned about the mission that this follow-on force of about 10,000 will have. whether that will be enough to accomplish the mission. >> well, you are absolutely right. we are actually now complicit because we are part of the resupply program. the conveyor belt of terrorists, let them out send them right back to the theater where they do their
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best work. this is really inappropriate. and i think so dangerous from a national security and foreign policy message. if you you were in charge, you're president of the united states, what would you do, colonel, come with these decisions, start with afghanistan? >> well, first and foremost, i would move away from this sense of nation building and occupation style warfare. we would be focused on strike operations. there are four real strategic imperatives. go after ideology through a dedicated information operation. we would cut off his support of man material and financial support. and last but not least we would cordon him off and reduce his ability to have nay sphere of influence. that's kind of strategic imperatives we need to have. >> absolutely right. a moan who knows what he is talking about and has been in the theater and cares about the men and women serving there and getting the job done right. colonel west, thank you. >> happy new year, thank you, kimberly.
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>> you as well. now to iran. this may surprise you in npr interview president obama was asked if he would ever consider opening up u.s. embassy in tehran. his response? quote i never say never but i think these things have to go in steps. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us now. i have been waiting to hear your thoughts on this ambassador. >> it's another unforced error by the president. another example of how he is giving away things and getting nothing in return. the way that statement you just quoted is structured is first we sign this increasingly terrible deal on iran's nuclear program which will basically legit mifs that program. uns ubs with he says once we have got that out of the way. i don't think any step is sack sacrosanct. whenever you give something up you ought to get something for it, whether it's cuba or iran afghanistan, we give away a lot under this president and
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next to nothing back. >> why are we afraid for bargain for consideration. we are giving this. it seems we are offering from such a week positioning points it makes no sense whatsoever the president is making us welcome he believes america is not positive in the world he thinks he we're are the problem. in the case of iran. he believes we have treated them badly over the years. we supported the shaw. and so on and so if america simply gives up any pretense of trying to contain this central bank for international terrorism, developing nuclear weapons that the iranian regime will say well, i guess the americans are okay. let's give all that up. it's naive it's ideological. most of all, it's dangerous for the country. >> well, it really is it's a haphazard approach. i don't understand how we are supposed to be operating acting with realtime intelligence if we are constantly apologizing for what the president thinks
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are our transgressions of the past. >> i think the signal he is sending, not just to our adversaries like iran and north korea, but to our friends like israel, saudi arainia, the united arab emirates kuwait, they are looking around that this man embracing someone who is threatening to overrun our government. the risk to them is after cute. it's a signal of weakness. this interview increases the concessions that secretary of sect kerry to feign a seal weighted in thep favor. >> all it would do is create a power surge for iran in terms of their regional and global influence. that is a big pnla>÷ for not just the united states but for the rest of the world. ambassador, thank you. >> thank you, kimberly. >> caught on camera the dramatic rescue of a child from a burning building. that's next. plus, economic challenges brewing for american
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a dramatic and terrifying scene in alabama. apartment building goes up in flames and mothers are forced to throw their children to safety. the 3-year-old boy making a daring escape. >> come out with your momma right here. your momma said do it. come on. >> chaos outside a birmingham, alabama apartment complex where neighbors are plead for 3-year-old child to jump from a burning building. >> we got to come out. irñz]rt3this amateur video showing the dramatic moment when the young child lands in the hands of a loving relative and carrie jackson catching it all on camera. >> i really didn't have any
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emotion running through me at the time. it was just like i need him. we need him to jump. >> the child surviving the fall and firefighters arriving in time to rescue another child from the burning building. all of it on christmas morning. >> oh my god he jump, he jump, he finally jump. and it just -- just that feeling he gives relive that moment and say -- really good feeling. >> your momma said do it. incredible. >> tonight, of the red cross is providing shelter for some of the fire victims. >> now to it a bringing problem brewing for small businesses in our nation. many company owners say government regulations are strangling their businesses. and that includes the owner of a popular brewery. griff jenkins reports from delaware.
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>> >> this is dog fish head brewery in milton, delaware. >> and they are brewing a lot of beer. >> looked like you have had a couple beers in the last week. >> full glosh i drink a lot of dog -- >> dog fish head has grown enormously since sam opened it in 1995. starting in the nation's smallest commercial brewery. they are the third largest microbrewery in the nation. >> we brew about 31,000 bottles this year with about 230 people. >> nancy profit, jobs, and of course a whole lot of beer. >> when you started michael brews weren't actually legal in delaware. >> yeah. i was kind of stupid. the day i was putting my sign above my restaurant brewery where this was, some guy brewery. it's illegal to open a brewery in delaware. i immediately got my pickup truck. drove up to dover. which one is the house and the senate. wept in and told them i'm
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under construction. i need to quickly figure out how to change the locks. son, come in here you are going to draft a bill. >> that's what he did. the deregulation paying off for delaware creating 2,000 jobs for the state. not the only obstacle this brewery has had to overcome. >> one of our biggest challenges we pay a sin tax. there san excise tax on beer. >> u.s. government makes small brewers pay 7ness taxes for every barrel they produce. that skyrockets after first 60,000-barrels. for of the big brewers it's worse. the government takes $18 on every single barrel they produce. >> i think it's in moderation it's part of the healthy lifestyle. craft beer goes amazingly well with food. i don't get the whole excise tax thing. >> it's not just taxes. financing, access to new markets. product distribution and, of course, healthcare costs all threats to brewing in america. >>
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expensive or less expensive whmpleghts obamacare got through it got so expensive health insurance that we stopped insurance. >> craft beer is still growing. rising from just 8 in 1980 to more than 3,000 today's. opening at the rate of one brewery per day and that is something to drink to. >> cheers. >> cheers. thanks for having us. >> and just last year, americans drank a whopping 14.3 billion worth of craft beer. that's the most in the nation's history.
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my goodness. and straight ahead. president obama russian president putin, who made this year's list of the biggest pinocchios? the "the washington post" glen kessler is here to tell us next.
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so what time is it? it's that time of year, time to look back at the best ands worst of 2014. and our next guest is here with a look at the biggest pinocchios of the year. i love this stuff. "the washington post" glen kestler joins us. this is my favorite who here you go. president obama calls isis the jay vee team. >> that's right. this made it as one of the worst pinocchios of the year because he and the white house tried to say that he was not specifically referring to the islamic state or isis when he said
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dismiss them as a jay vee team but i got ahold of the previously unreleased transcript that showed that indeed he was referring to the islamic state when he said jay vee team. >> all right. number two, allison lund green grimes claims that mitch mcconnell took 600,000 from anti-coal groups. >> yes. this was really one of the worst ads of the entire campaign year because it was based on some really fuzzy math. it wasn't mitch mcconnell. it was his wife. the former secretary elaine chal and what she did she was on the board of wells fargo bank which finances coal companies. you can't call them anti-coal group. tried to lump bloomberg in there because elaine chal was on some affiliate of bloomberg's that was like $5,000 and then on top of that, after i gave four pinocchios for that claim she went on and then repeated it herself in a campaign ad.
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that was pretty bad. >> double downing on the pinocchio is never a good idea. and look what happened. all right. nra ad claims mary landrieu voted to take away your gun rights. what happened with that? >> well, that was a very provocative ad which showed a woman putting her baby to bed texting her spouse and intruder breaks in. suggestion from the ad was that she was killed because she wasn't able to purchase a gun. but the nra's own lawyers confirmed to me that, you know, despite the vote that mary landrieu cast that woman in that ad would have been able to buy a gun to protect herself. >> that's why that was so bad. >> pinocchio again. we got another one. two appear anses here president obama the g.o.p. filibustered 500 pieces of legislation. >> well, there are were lots of problem with his math there first of all he wasn't really counting filibusters. he was counting cloture
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votes which can be very technical as to whether or not that is a filibuster or not. most of those cloture votes had to do with judicial appointments, not legislation. and then he was counting all the way back to 2007 when he himself was a senator casting the very votes that he decries when he says filibusters. so it was -- it was -- he was off by a factor of at least 10 when he used that number. >> let me translate for the people at home. no bueno. now, here is another guy. oh boy, a little bit of a loose relationship with the truth, huh? president putin. so he said that in a speech there was a referendum held in crimea. >> right. and he said it was completely acceptable with international norms and perfectly fair and pristine. actually, you had a choice where you could vote for yes or basically yes plus. >> oh my gosh. >> there was no no vote
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there it completely violated all of the criteria set for referendum under the constitution of the ukraine. so, that's why i gave him a special international award. special international hall of shame as part of the pinocchios of the year. >> all right. well, i can tell you the list goes on and on. that is a sampling of the fine work that you have done chairman message at home lying doesn't pay no, no, no no. glen, thank you so much. great story. >> you're welcome. >> coming up president obama's golf game getting in the way of business again? it's not what you think. believe me that story is next. and don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. congressman louie gohmert is tonight's guest at the 10:00
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michael, thanks for joining us this morning. we have grim news we are
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hearing from indonesia and singapore. what can you make of what possibly happened. a lot of people talked about or air experts had the speculation that perhaps weather, heavy clouds and storms may have had a lot to do with this. >> it is almost certain that there was something to do with weather involved with this. but we don't know. now that at least we found some debris very shortly like in the next few hours, maybe sooner. they may find the


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